My inclination towards business has always been the highest,beside studying International Marketing and Trade Sometimes makes me feel that can “Maslows Theory of Motivation Applicable for me as well!!!!!🤔🤨

Well the higest level of need in Maslows hierarchy talks about “Self Actualization” predominantly means to reaching the highest level of ones potentialthe drive to self actualisation!!!

Source:Google Image Maslo

Also the famous Bollywood Sufi song,”kun faya kun” Arabic Word which means “to be” or “to exist” all relates to the eternal self or ones divine truth!!!

If one reaches discovers ones innates Truth?Dont you think the Supreme eternal power lies within oneself?

In retrospect in my mind thought of the days when i used to listen to Baul …….

The Bengali Baul or Bengali Sufism or Bengali Folk follows the same dictum is also considered as a medium of reaching to ones hidden supreme self. The famous poet Lalan Fakir(লালন ফকির) in his very famous poem and also the most famous baul saints of ages “Amar Barir Kache Arshinagar” which predominantly talks about that “God lies within us and not outside”therefore discovering ones supreme self or divine truth nears us to the Supreme Power on this planet.

In my recent virtual meet, a general conversation dated 10.9.2020, with of my close associate ‘My Teacher ‘ ;’Mi Maestro ; ‘আমার গুরু‘। World Famous Baul SingerMr Anondo Gopal Dasfrom live Shantiniketan,taught me the top life lessons-

Well path towards the search of my answer….

IDEOLOGY and ABOUT: The Baul are a group of mystic minstrels of mixed elements of Sufism and Vaishnavism from Bengal Region,comprising Bangladesh and Indian State of West Bengal and Tripura and Barak Valley.Inspired by Swami Vivekananda (The world Spiritual Leader at Chicago )(just one reference) and Ramkrishna Paramhansha.Bauls considered both syncretic religious sect and a musical tradition.Bauls are very heterogeneous groups with many sects but their membership mainly constitute of Vaishnava and Hindus and Sufi Muslims.Of identified by their distinctive clothes and musical instruments.

-Art of loving my solitude more👧

-helped me to add more spark to my will power 🙅‍♀️💪

-embrace more optimism😊🧚‍♀️👍#Baul #inspired #Art of love #philantrophy #Joy Guru(humanity stands first)…..

Source:Image live whatsapp call to Mr Anondo Gopal Das live from Shantiniketan

AboutMy Guru’

Birth:1960 12 March Bordhoman or Burdwan District,Ayodhya Village West Bengal.Came to Tagores Place or Shantiniketan at 9 years old.He was born in the family of Saints or Baul Family.

Education: He studied till class 4 standard in the ashrams and learnt the craft from his grandmother.

Age: 60 years

Source:Self Sketch Image a small gift to My Guru.

Career:He first ventured to Germany at the age of 18 under the project of Carrine Merongee in the year 1982 after that Sweden 1990 then Norway Denmark, America, Italy 1992 Belgium 1995 ,France, 1996 Belgium and Recently 2019 again in France and Lithuania pre pandemic.

The the songs preached by my guru helps him the overcome the hardships and trials and tribulation of his life.He says how it was difficult for them to survive in the initial stages of their life where the support from the government and people were minimalistic and being a saint and messengers of god they have to eradicate the basic pleasures of life which a common man enjoys….Through the lyrics of Baul they uplifted their morale and learnt the art of survival from a very tender age.

Instrument Description: Ektara it is the one stringed musical instrument used in the traditional music.The ektara is a drone lute consisting of a gourd resonator covered with skin through which a bamboo neck is inserted and Dotara means two string.

Source:Guru Showcasing me his instrument .

Besides the lesson of motivations he also preached about the ‘ Sheer Art of love’ or ‘Love in the Highest Form’- under the realm of Baul – love is very Aesthetic and Pure .He sighted examples of love of Radha krishna❤💗💟 from the Indian Mythology which deliberately deals with the sanctity of love which is righteous connecting the souls without connecting the bodies.

Source:Google Image Radha Krishna an epitome of friendship and love.

Lastly I was fortunate enough to discover that my domain name is also inspired by baul বাউল “ekla bolo re and “ekla cholo re”beside being Rabindranath Tagores creation.In fact some of the songs of Tagores রবীন্দ্রসঙ্গীত is popularly inspired from Baul ideology and thinkers like Purnodas Baul ,Lalan Fakir and Noboni Das Baul.


Some more amalgamations and westernisation to these art…

Moner Manush 2010 India Bangladesh joint venture Bengali Biographical musical drama film based on the life and philosophy of Lalon Fakir.

Source:Google Image

The Vintage Car …….

The Hand Pulled Rikshaw or popularly called টানা রিকসা

Source:Self Copyright Infringement
Place:Bhawanipur Date -1.12.2020

TanaRikshaw is the testimony of British Slavery in countrythe former British CapitalKolkata”.

Description: The Pulled Rickshaw is a mode of human powered transport by which a runner draws a two wheeled cart which seats one or two people.

Rickshaws are commonly believed to have been invented in Japan first in the 1860’s at the beginning of a rapid technical advancement. In the 19th century rickshaw pulling became an expensive popular mode of transportation across Asia.

Peasants who migrated to large Asian Cities often first worked as a rickshaw runner .

Though the ‘tana rikshaw’has become as “rare as black rose” it comprises only 10% of the total transportation in the city. But you can still view them on some of the popular streets of kolkata in the northern part “bowbazar , college street , dhormotola/esplanade,ballygaunge and bhowanipur and some parts of north kolkata.The rickshaw has been plying in the City of Joy since the end of the 19th century .It is considered as a hallmark to this city.The means of transportation is now in its 130 th year of existence in kolkata and has been inextricably linked with the city’s socio economic evolution for the past century. Pre and immediately post independence the rich in kolkata would ride in palanquins.The hand pulled rickshaw became a way for the middle and upper middle classes to show their status.

In the former British Capital this mode of vehichle was the mean of lively hood of the migrated individuals from neighbouring city like Bihar,Assam and Bhubeneswar.

The art of driving the vehichle barefoot can really be painsome vagaries of weather; extreme heat and monsoon.The handpulled rickshaws are replaced by “Cycle Rickshaws” Also the reason for reduction of this vehicle is that their heir are no longer a rickshaw driver but more of “White Collars”

Source:Google Image Cycle Rickshaw
Source:Sophie Ducourthial France Copyright Infringement. Close Associate

Source:Sophie Ducourthial France Copyright Infringement (Close Associate)
Source:Sophie Ducourthial,France (Close Associate)

Books,films,telivision music and modern art: The 1953 Bollywood film Do Bigha Zameen directed by Bimal Roy, describes the faith of impoverished farmer who becomes a rickshaw puller in kolkata. the 1992 film City of Joy (whose title refers to kolkata),Om Puri plays a rickshaw puller revealing the economic and emotional hardship that these underpaid workers face on day to day basis.

An early Rudyard Kipling story has the title the “Phantom Rickshaw”.(1885).

FARE is pretty nominal ranging from Rs 25 to 50 max.

But if you ask me ,the joy of riding on the tana rickshaw definetly gives me a pleasure of being a “Queen”!!

Special Thanks:Would like to express my gratitude to Ms Sophie Ducourthial for her excelent photography skill!!!!Dhonnobad!!!!!

যোদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ আসে তবে একলা চলো রে :If They Pay No Heed To Your Call Walk Alone


The golden words composed by the famous bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore is the art of cool culture amidst the Youth especially in the B town of India (Mumbai). In a recent series on netflix named “Guilty” featuring the lead actress Kaira Advani as Nanki Dutta flaunts her Tattoo –The Tagore’s magical words to the nation.

The Song was Composed in the year 1312 (1905) is a very popular Rabindranth Sangeet among the Bengalis.

Source:Google Image.

Source: Originally titled as ‘Eka’ the song was first published on September 1905 in the section of Bhandar Magazine.It was influenced by Harinaam Diye Jagat Matale Amar Ekla Nitai Re a bengali kirtan song of Dhapkirtan or Manoharshahi Gharana praising Nityanandi disciples of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Ekla Cholo Re was incorporated in the Swadeshi Section section of Tagores lyrical Anthology Gitbidhan.

Purpose: The song was one of the 22 protest songs writren during the Swadeshi period of Indian Freedom Movement and along with Amar Sonar Bangla,(My sweet Bengal) it was one of the key songs for the Anti Partition Movement in Bengal in the year 1905.

Through his lyrics Tagore wanted to bring unity among the slaved Indians colonised by the tyrannical British Rulers. He wanted to instill faith and courage among the Indians by boosting up their morales and making them desperate and adament.

Well, being a Bengali, and an ardent follower of Tagore, I was amazed to see the actress makeover of the tattoo on her chest!!! I would say it was a good penetration of Tagores lyrics in the mind of the Bollywood Directors sometimes makes me question the authenticity of these golden lyrics because modern India especially the western part of India is more driven by the hip hop culture and westernisation.

Myself a graduate from the Mumbai University and a resident of this city now don’t make me miss my culture and calcutta emotions ,rather it makes me find an inextricable link between cultural capital (Kolkata) and financial capital(Mumbai) of India.

Its a beautiful feeling to see how the age old nation’s motivation sparks into the ‘Cool’ and ‘Hip Hop Culture’ among the modern youth  who believes in walking alone and not giving a fuck to anything in this world!!

So if everybody in this nation believes in the same ideology then definetly we will be more ethonocentric ,self motivated and peace loving nation. Yes the nation would be more self reliant and indegenous . Humming this lyrics we could have more BOP surplus (Balance of Payment the countries financial statement of foreign transaction) and will be able to add more to the GDP. As the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”(Self Reliant India) in this global pandemic context this song is the definetly the ” need of the hour”

Well, if you ask me I also ‘Walk Alone’!!!not a fashion statement,but definitely an inner motivation.Pretty much defines my domain name, “Ekla bolore Ekla Cholo Re” (Walk Alone and Say Alone).

ল্যাদ :Lyaadh

The sheer art of laziness of the energy drawn Bengalis.

Everything in Bengal is an art isn’t!!be it a simple trait of modern Bengalis.

A quintessential Bengali terms that Bongs cannot do without.In the city that typically cannot function without “dupurer bhaat -ghoom” or afternoon nap or in more aristrocrat terms,the siesta),one can easily gauge the important role of “lyaadh” plays in the daily routine.

Lyadh is technically lethargy or to slumber,however the true essence of the word cannot be described by any Oxford or Merriam -Webster.

Out of the myriad delicacies that the Bengali cuisine has to offer ” Lyadh Khawa” seems to always top the list!

One May try to define lyadh as:

1.Putting zlich effort to execute a task.

2.Laying around without doing a thing

3.Unable to feel the urge to go to work or socialise. Ahh !!this is always a permanent excuse.

Lyadh is a way of doing nothing,yet never feeling bad about.In exceptional cases, Lyadh leads to an extraordinary chain of thoughts (khayali pulao in hindi which means deep rooted imagination)and some fantastic ideas too.It rejuvenated the mind ,body and soul.

Now the question can lyadh be a ‘Stress buster’?yes sometimes you need to be alone with your own thoughts and imagination ,completely aloof from the external world.Imagination can lead to release of positivity in the body and also happy hormones like dopamine seratonin and oxytocin.It helps you to relax your mind and body.When the two of this things are calm ,you have the happy soul isn’t!!!✊☺️😁

4.Lastly, feeling hungry but laziness is more overwhelming, therefore choosing not to get food and to make do ‘lyadh khawa’( literal translation: eating laziness)

Therefore, we May happily conclude lyadh is a productive way of not producing anything. As the common saying goes,”Nothing can be entirely bad”!!

Well, by the way …..Monday morning blues is a chic term for “Office Jetey Lyadh Lagche” (translation: On Monday morning its common among the job seekers saying they feel very lazy to go to office after the two consecutive days of gap i.e Sunday and Monday). Do you also say the same, if Yes then we are permanently friend zoned!!!!!😍common give me hi-fi!!!!!😁

Source: Pintrest Image Rohan Bera
Source:Bewakoof the famous India Retail Brand its print on T-Shirt priced Rs 199

Source:Google Image,the side pillow or popularly called as Pash Balish is important in the process of lyadh.

Well, Lyadh is the Talk of the House!!!

আড্ডা :Adda (Gossip)

Adda -the Popular Bengali Gossip or a fine art discussion or hangout with friends ,relatives or cousin.Well in modern world we often refer as “Chilling” or to take a “Chill Pill“.It is one of the most preffered leisure among the Bengalis.

Well, the genre of discussion can cover a wide ranges of topics from Politics to Sports ,Education, not leaving any stone unturned.Social atmosphere among the bengalis is no less than a Parliament Atmosphere. Always be ready to get countered or attacked by the opposite because the debate is heavy weighted.

Well the age group can range from from teenagers to college goers to senior citizens.

We Bengalis always like to argue you can call this our inborn trait probably!!!

Jukti (for) and torko(against) is the part and parcel of our everyday life.

A cup of hot tea (gorom cha) with cigarettes popularly known as chai and sutta(in the Northern part of India) is a absolute member of every gossip group.If you are not encountered with successions of laughters then you are not in the proper Adda!!!

The venue of the Adda or (Hangout) can range from any roadside tea stall to the major heritage of kolkata “The Indian Coffee House” located in College Street ,opposite of Presidency University, has been the famous hangout place of many luminaries including Saratchandra Bose(Scientist) ,Satyajit Ray(Oscar Winner),Amartya Sen(Noble laureate:Economics , Aparna Sen(the fomous Bengali Actress and many others) and many intellectuals.The Coffee House is of a historical significance for being the rendezvous of innumerable versatile people from its inception to date. Scholars editors and artist like Ritwik Ghotok, Mrinal Sen, Samaresh Mazumdar, Craig Jameison, often known as ‘hungry intellectuals’.

Source: Google Image Indian Coffee House Kolkata

Also, if you wish to visualise or feel the vibes of Adda without being present in the discussion then you should listen to this song, by the famous song writer and singer Manna Dey. Through his entire song he is reminiscing the old vibes of youth culture.

This Adda definitely uplifts your Mood!!

Well, not only intellectuals but sometimes adda could be meeting point of many lovers!!!You could sometimes bump into your old college or school friend or you can find your soul mate. If you become addicted to Adda then you will be termed as “Addabaj”(negative remark for those who are worthless and does nothing)

The Adda is definetly the important youth culture of bengalis.

Well, Sundays are perfect days for Adda!!!

Source:Arpita Samaddar Image special tea cup made of clay also known as bharer cha,found only in Bengal.Price :Rs 5 to 25 max.
Source:Swapan Mukherjee Lane of North Kolkata Gossip(also known as Golir Adda)

Hope to see you in the next Adda soon.

Touch oF Red

RED has the power to increase your brain power!!

RED has the power to function your pituitary gland!!

RED has the power to make estrogen function more nicely , feminising mainly!!

RED has the power to bestow supremacy and make you more lovable beside your partner!!

RED has the power to activate your third eye or the eye of wisdom!

RED has the power to make you Rani!!

RED is elegant , beautiful and poise. Red increases your Panache.

RED has the power to give you wings!!

Well, this Red is very Rare!!!!

The Traditional Bengali Bindi (টিপ) is associated with Sanctity, Royalty and Purity of women. It defines and celebrates the womenhood.

It makes it root from Indian mythology where the god and goddess were worshiped by giving a red touch on their forehead.

In modern India a touch of red is a very important fashion statement.

The আলতা or Alta popularly known is a red dye can also be called as KumKum is popularly added in the hands and feet mainly done in the Indian Subcontinent,notably done in Bengal and Eastern States of India particularly Bihar ,Rajasthan and Odisha.

Application: It is applied with cotton to the hand and feet during Marriage and festivals mainly Durga Puja.

Source: It was mainly produced from beetel leaves ,although later with lac and now synthetic dyes.

Significance: The significance of Alta is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. It instills a new phase in a womens life after Marriage. Bengali women often puts alta on their feet to celebrate womenhood.The women heart is filled with joy when she puts the first Alta on her feet!!!

Beside making the girl beautiful and attractive.

Well does this remind you of Aishwaryas typical traditional bengali look in the movie Devdas.Well if yes ,then let me tell you that the art roots long time back among the womens in the ancient Bengal.

Well I often put the KumKum on my feet, well still a girl but always attracted by the red blood colour when I visit my Pishi’s house (Aunt’s house )in Bordhoman (Burdwan a place in West Bengal).The art is so famous that all the novelist “Saratchandra Chattapadhyay ” the author of Devdas always portray a Bengali Women in that Fashion.

Source:Google Image Red KumKum on feet

Source:Google Image Alta during Marriage

Source:Google Image Bollywood Actor Aishwarya Rai’s typical bengali look in the movie Chokher Bali

This RED TOUCH definitely makes you the DIVA.

Source:Self Sketch Copyright infringement potray of typical Bengali Women wearing the traditional bengali saree (Athpoure Style)
Source:Self Sketch a typical bengali women with a beautiful hairstyle Bun(khopa)Copyright Infringements


What Defines You?

Your Gender!

Your Name!

Your Brain!

Your Beauty!

Or you are a Homosapien!

Well mine is a bit different!!!My culture defines me pretty much.The language I speak makes me flaunt most of the time,and of course a Proud Homosapien with two eyes,two legs and 206 bones and well defined neuron system superior than other species.

Yes I am true BENGALI .Yes a ethonocentric, can be called.

Duranta Asha (Desperate Hope)

-By Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.


The poem was written in 1888,when our ignominy of slavery under the British rule was at peak.All our freedom struggles were then not on the horizon .The Bengalis,particularly were then a complacent lot happy with a job in merchant/government office,almost all of those being British concern,busy earning favours of their masters.Outside their workplace their pastime was music/amusement at home or outside,not excluding the red light areas (Sonargachi:Asias Largest Red Light Area),idle gossips on politics or anything else under the sun for that matter,playing cards,etc.

We may see this poem how this degradation pained by the Poet and his attempt to whip up his race to an honorable existence.Niether his attempt remained with him as a mere literary excercise.All his endeavour , later on far as an educationist was to cultivate the noblest humanstic values along with competence for self employment with training on various crafts for his countrymen.He explained his strong indignation about the downfall of his community.

He wanted to potray the characteristic of a typical middle class Bengali.But the question is how far his vission turned into reality even after a decade!!!

Even after 74 years of Independence which the nobel laureate portrayed as ‘lazy piece of shits’ has they really become agile and active and could come out from the slavery of the British rule completely!!!!!

Source:Self Image during my school days at Jorashankor Thakur bari (Tagores House) year :2015,have been always my favourite spot.

Well ,being born and brought up in Kolkata I would say yes the race has progressed a lot and considered to be the most intellectual race and respectable in the whole part of the world with the current acheivement of Abhijit Binayak Banerjee Nobel Price in Economics .Being a modern bengali I would say that Start up in Kolkata have definitely increased people are more self employed, yes ofcourse working in MNC because we are able to keep up our legacy of being the educated pieces of homosapiens under the tutelage of Chittoronjon ,Rabindranath and AJC Bose. Well modern bengali tries to walk in the footsteps of Bill Gates and Tatas beside keeping the deep philosophy of Ramkrishna and Vivekanda.

Source:Self Copyright Infringement
Source:Self Copyright Infringement the view of Tagores House,kolkata
Source:Self my ma(mother) Copyright Infringement

This reminds me that yes Britishers did colonise our country but the influence has faded nicely. So i really don’t think that they could seize our culture!!!We are culturally rich and will be able to keep the same.

But, sometimes I Indian Shame myself when millenials summon their parents as Daddy and not Baba or Papa!!But then I say to myself this is the trend of the modern India atleast some influence will be there right!!!!

Well, westernisation doesn’t refer to as complete assimilation it could be as simple as learning or loving other languages ,customes and cultures well I study Spanish which is completely out of sheer inquisitiveness and love ‘Te Amo’ is as sweet as “আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি “।(I love You).But i don’t imitate, I loose my identity. I am who I am. We are here to spread love and universal brotherhood and liking another culture is not a sin its True Love.But I don’t know exactly whether I am a ” Accultured Bengali” because for me not a single culture is dominant I like to embrace all !!I believe that The difference is beautiful!Isn’t it??

It should come from, within us,not learned or forced ,what holds us unique is our Identity which is our root and it who we are.Tell once again with me Yes I am a true Indian and a true Bengali.